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Lobbying and Political Action


Federal Affairs

The CAP lobbies for laws that protect the pathologist's ability to provide high-quality services in a fair, competitive environment. Unlike other pathology-related groups with only a handful of advocates, we have more than 25 advocacy professionals fighting for your interests. The CAP is the only pathologists' organization classified as a 501(c)(6), meaning we're unrestricted in our lobbying. Our efforts are bolstered by 120 pathologists continuously tackling the issues important to the pathology specialty on policy-related committees. Our annual Policy Meeting includes Hill Day, when pathologists meet with their senators and representatives in Congress to advocate for pathology and patients.

Together, we're leading advocacy regarding pathology issues across the country and throughout the lawmaking process—from concept to revisions, to passage, and real-world application. These issues include:

Advocacy: Your Voice Impacts Votes

State Affairs

To strengthen the profession of pathology nationwide, our strong partnerships with state pathology societies bolster advocacy efforts at the state level. CAP Advocacy actively works together with state pathology societies on issues, such as:

When working with elected officials, the number of members in an organization helps determine its influence. Joining the CAP and your state pathology society is the best way to enhance pathology's influence across the United States. Learn more about how the CAP supports state pathology societies and partners with them to influence public policy.

Political Action


PathNET is CAP Advocacy's grassroots advocacy network and a resource for CAP members to connect with their elected officials at the federal and state level. Through PathNET, pathologists and CAP advocacy are capable of getting results like no other group. For example, pathologists can build relationships with their federal and state legislators to help ensure laboratory regulations do not place undue burden on the profession but still ensure accuracy and safety.


PathPAC, the CAP Advocacy's political action committee, is the only political entity that pursues the election and reelection of candidates for federal office who understand the value of pathology in improving patient care and help advance the CAP's position on key issues related to pathology. Contributions to PathPAC by CAP members is the most effective way for pathologists to join together to influence public policy.

Help Boost our Advocacy Efforts

Be a part of PathNET, our grassroots advocacy network and donate to our political action committee, PathPAC.

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