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State Pathology Societies

To strengthen the profession of pathology nationwide, we partner with state pathology societies to bolster advocacy efforts at the state and federal levels on issues including:

  • Insurance network adequacy
  • Billing for pathology services
  • Protecting scope of practice
  • Medicare, Medicaid, and private sector payment
  • Laboratory benefit management programs

For more information on advocacy support available through the CAP, please contact Patricia Tennant in our Washington, DC office.

Strengthening Pathology Initiatives

When working with elected officials, the number of members in an organization helps determine its influence. The CAP strongly encourages all its members to join their state pathology society to build an active grassroots network at the state level to complement PathNET's federal efforts.

We consult with state societies regularly basis on joint advocacy initiatives and influencing state laws, regulations, and administrative rules. This involves joint funding and management of the advocacy initiative. State societies determine whether they wish to pursue legislative initiatives within their respective states.

For information about joining your state's society, use our directory to contact your state society about membership.

Partnering with State Pathology Societies

Speaker Requests

CAP leadership or staff are available, schedule permitting, to speak on the following topics at your next state pathology society meeting:

  • Advocacy
  • Laboratory Improvement and Quality
  • Other topics concerning pathologists

Submit our speaker form at least 60 days prior to your meeting.

Note, you may request different speaker topics within the form.

Affiliate Agreement

Our affiliate agreement is an excellent opportunity to build your state pathology society membership. By signing the agreement, you share your current membership list with the CAP. In return, we provide a member list with a preferred address in your state served by the state pathology society.

Our member list may be used for state pathology society business such as:

  • notification of society meetings and offerings
  • calls to action
  • invitations to join or renew membership

Currently, 29 state societies have signed affiliate agreements with CAP to help in their membership efforts.

Joint Providership

As an accredited (with commendation) ACCME provider, we are proud to offer Joint Providership at a discounted rate to state pathology societies. If your state society offers educational activities complementary to CAP’s mission statement (link to this or include here) we are happy to consider your educational program(s) for our Joint Providership program.

Working Together for Success

“After almost a decade of advocacy effort, the CAP— working with our state pathology society and numerous other stakeholders—secured New York State recognition of the CAP proficiency testing program. This is a huge regulatory relief for our multihospital laboratory system, which will no longer be required to take the state program as well. Advocacy efforts can take years to bring about change, but this accomplishment eliminated a duplicative requirement, saving us time and resources that can be better used in other quality efforts.”

James M Crawford, MD, PhD, FCAP Professor and Chair, Dept. of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine Executive Director and Senior Vice President, Laboratory Services North Shore- LIJ Health System

“CAP and the Tennessee Society of Pathologists closed the laboratory anti-kickback loophole that afforded an unfair and unethical competitive advantage to out-of-state labs. Within a year of my email and call to CAP the legislation was passed, even though it was opposed by some who wanted to continue the unfair practice. Closing this loophole helps protect Tennessee labs and Tennessee patients.”

Ben W. Davis, MD, FCAP Chairman, President, & CEO PathGroup

State Pathology Society Resources

For questions about state societies?

Email: statepath@cap.org