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Browser and Operating System Requirements


NOTE: It is recommended to use Chrome as the default web browser for the CAP website and applications.

Browser Requirements

The CAP supports most recent browsers. This includes the following specific versions:

BrowserSupported Version(s)Download Information
Google ChromeLatest VersionGo to Download Google Chrome (Latest Version)
Mozilla FirefoxLatest and extended support release (ESR)Go to Download Mozilla Firefox (Latest Version)
Microsoft Edge2 most recent major versionsGo to Download Microsoft Edge (Latest Version)
Safari2 most recent major versionsGo to Download Safari (Latest Version)

The CAP no longer supports IE11 as Microsoft has set June 15, 2022 as its end-of-life date. Some legacy CAP browser-based applications might continue to run in IE11 directly, or in Edge using IE11 mode, but the CAP will no longer provide technical support or additional development efforts for use of IE11.

Mobile Operating System Requirements

Operating SystemSupported Versions
iOS2 most recent major versionsVisit apple.com to obtain information on the latest operating system version
Android2 most recent major versionsVisit android.com to obtain information about the latest operating system version

Receiving Emails from the CAP

Ensure receipt of the CAP emails. Consult our list of instructions, broken down by email provider, to see how to designate the CAP as a preferred sender.

Questions About Browser and Operating System Support?

Contact the CAP with questions about browser and operating system support.

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