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Pathologists Quality Registry

Benefits of the Pathologists Quality Registry

Pathologists Quality Registry: It Pays to Deliver Quality Care

The Pathologists Quality Registry is a qualified clinical data registry (QCDR) launched by the CAP in 2017. The registry can improve practice performance, through benchmarking against other pathology practices, and make it easier for pathologists to qualify for bonuses under Medicare's Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and Quality Payment Program (QPP). Developed by the CAP members and FIGmd, a leading provider of clinical data registries for physician specialties, the Pathologists Quality Registry was the first registry approved to contain pathology specific QCDR measures.

The Pathologists Quality Registry has advantages over Medicare Part B claims submission (previously called claims-based reporting) for several reasons:

  • Medicare Part B claims submission does not support reporting for all categories of MIPS
  • Medicare Part B claims submission is only available for a subset of measures that can be found in the Pathologists Quality Registry
  • Medicare Part B claims submission is only based on Medicare patients, not all of your applicable patients
  • The CMS' data suggest clinician performance is higher when reporting through a registry due to the availability of additional clinical data to support measures

The CMS has implemented significant changes for MIPS reporting starting in 2019. Practices with 16 or more clinicians will no longer be permitted to use claims-based reporting for the MIPS quality performance category, regardless of submitting as an individual clinician or a group. Small practices (15 or less) are still permitted to submit 2019 performance year quality data for covered professional services through the Medicare Part B claims submission.

Enrollment in the Pathologists Quality Registry is now closed for the 2019 reporting period. To avoid the -7% penalty in 2021, practices who are reporting on the Quality Performance Category via claims, should also ensure they are reporting on the improvement Activities (IA) performance category. The CMS provides a free IA attestation tool via the Quality Payment Program (QPP), using your login credentials for the QPP website.

The Pathologists Quality Registry applied for and was awarded 2020 Qualified Registry (QR) and Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) Status.

Quality Payment Program (QPP)

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