PathNET is the CAP's grassroots advocacy network, a resource for CAP members to connect with their elected officials at the federal and state level. Through PathNET, pathologists can build relationships with their legislators and assist the CAP in achieving our legislative goals.

A strong presence in a legislator's district is critical to successful legislative action. For the CAP to have an impact in Congress, we must have a voice in key states and Congressional districts.

You have the opportunity to participate in grassroots activities at various levels Lock , each with their own corresponding member benefits. PathNET offers a variety of tools for members to engage in legislative action that will have a direct impact on pathologists and the ability to practice.

Nothing influences a member of Congress more than when they hear from their constituents. By joining PathNET, members can be a voice for pathologists and influence legislators' decisions on issues that impact you and your practice.

Grassroots Advocacy: Be Engaged and Heard Through PathNET

Training Videos

The Congressional Management Foundation's Partnership for a More Perfect Union is dedicated to enhancing citizen engagement and improving communication between citizens and Congress. As part of the Partnership, the CAP is able to provide for CAP members these videos on how Congress works, what to expect in meetings with legislators, and how to be an effective advocate.

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Please direct questions and comments about PathNET to:

Lauren DePutter

Director of Political Programs