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State Advocacy and Accountable Care Organizations

The College of American Pathologists (CAP) supports state enactment of model legislation to require accountable care organizations (ACOs) to establish Clinical Laboratory Advisory Boards.

Clinical Laboratory Advisory Boards, with the participation of the pathologist medical director, can help the ACO identify and eliminate unnecessary testing while making sure that patients enrolled in the ACO receive all medically necessary pathology and laboratory tests.

Such boards have demonstrated compelling medical value at nationally esteemed health care centers that were the basis for federal development and promotion of the ACO practice paradigm. The CAP urges state legislatures to enact legislation to require ACO adoption of these advisory boards in the best interest of patient care.

The CAP Resources

Letters of Endorsement to Legislative Sponsors

Examples of Clinical Laboratory Utilization Committees

Download the document (PDF, 189 KB)

CAP Model State ACO Legislation