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Shortcodes and Content Entry Options


There are different shortcodes available for use. Currently, they are used to set basepaths for environment-specific URLs and for Font Awesome icons that we want to include. The general syntax for shortcodes is [[type: name]].

Site Basepath URLs

Site URLs set the basepath for our internal applications. Internally, we have several different environments so using shortcodes allows the links to these applications to be environment specific. Note: Use double brackets, not single.

[url: store] = https://estoreuat.cap.org

[url: learn] = https://cap.hosted.test.cloud.ethosce.com/

[url: elss] = https://elssuat.cap.org/elss

[url: app-suite] = https://appsuiteuat.cap.org

[url: web-apps] = https://webappsuat.cap.org

[url: apps] = https://apps.cap.org

Font Awesome Icons

Select, pre-loaded icons from the Font Awesome icon library are listed below.

Format: [icon: icon-name] (note: use double-brackets)

  • Arrow Right arrow-right
  • Bar Chart bar-chart
  • Book Open Cover Solid  book-open-cover-solid
  • Check Circle check-circle
  • Chevron Up chevron-up
  • Chevron Down chevron-down
  • Chevron Left chevron-left
  • Chevron Right chevron-right
  • Chrome chrome
  • Close close
  • Desktop desktop
  • Edge edge 44 and down
  • Edge Brands edge 80 and up
  • Exclamation Circle exclamation-circle
  • File Search file-search
  • File Text O file-text-o
  • Firefox firefox
  • Head Side Brain Solid head-side-brain-solid
  • Head Side Headphones Solid head-side-headphones-solid
  • Instagram instagram
  • Internet Explorer internet-explorer
  • Laptop File Solid laptop-file-solid
  • Linkedin linkedin
  • Location Dot Solid location-dot-solid
  • Lock lock
  • Newspaper newspaper
  • Podcast Solid podcast-solid
  • Safari safari
  • Search search
  • Shopping Cart shopping-cart
  • Times Circle times-circle
  • Twitter twitter
  • User user
  • Video Solid video-solid
  • Youtube youtube
  • Youtube Play youtube-play


Email links

mailto:emailname@cap.org?subject=subject line goes here


#inApplicationCode = Indicates that the page URL is embedded in an Internal Application. Impact: Changing the URL may require a code build/release.

Filename Formats

  • All lower case
  • Short, descriptive title (reflects content)
  • Use hyphens/dashes to separate words
  • Do not use any spaces
  • Do not use special characters
  • Include year when relevant/related to content of asset

    • yyyy-name-v1234
    • cancer-protocol-ampulla-vater-v4010 or cp-ampulla-vater-v4010 (this is how Ryan brought them in)

Lock Icons Lock

We manually add lock icons when linking to protected content. Ideally, the icon should be placed to the left of the link itself. There are exceptions to this based on content layout. Use judgment as needed.

Example: Lock link