Performance Analytics Dashboard

Our new Performance Analytics Dashboard gives the comprehensive data view you need to proactively focus energy on areas that need immediate attention while filtering out distractions. Updated daily, this Web-based reporting solution for your CAP proficiency testing (PT) and accreditation performance reduces the stress of managing today's single laboratory or an expansive network's performance with only a few clicks.

Performance Analytics Dashboard Unpacked

The dashboard is free for our PT and accreditation customers and allows users to:

  • Perform data analysis to quickly identify trends/ patterns to mitigate risk.
  • Improve patient care via alerts to prompt action before a cease testing notice is received.
  • Benchmark your laboratory against your peers and CAP wide performance.
  • Prepare for accreditation inspections by identifying areas for improvement based on past deficiencies.

Additionally, laboratory networks can:

  • Identify system wide issues by department, discipline, or analyte.
  • Benchmark the performance of an individual laboratory against the overall system performance.
  • Manage access to your data more efficiently with the ability to customize reporting groups.

Robust Reporting

Drill down to the details and perform in-depth analysis with the dashboard's predefined PT and accreditation reports.

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Get to Know the Dashboard

The Performance Analytics Dashboard is available to all laboratories that participate in our PT or accreditation programs. If you are a PT or accreditation customer, take a moment to test drive your dashboard with the resources below.

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