Performance Analytics Dashboard FAQS

Overview of the Performance Analytics Dashboard

What is the Performance Analytics Dashboard?

Our new Performance Analytics Dashboard gives the comprehensive data view you need to proactively focus energy on areas that need immediate attention while filtering out distractions. Updated daily, this Web-based reporting solution for your CAP proficiency testing (PT) and accreditation performance reduces the stress of managing today's single laboratory or an expansive network's performance with only a few clicks.

Why did the CAP develop the Performance Analytics Dashboard?

We organized several focus groups to understand how laboratories monitor quality assurance performance using our laboratory improvement programs. What surfaced was monitoring methods were manual, time consuming, and resource intensive. We identified four areas for development:

  1. Consistency in performance across all laboratories in a network or system
  2. Ability to manage occurrences of errors in real time
  3. Processing and manipulating data efficiently
  4. Managing documentation of errors and corrective actions

As a result, the CAP designed the Performance Analytics Dashboard as a single repository for our customer's proficiency testing and accreditation performance.

How does the Performance Analytics Dashboard help my laboratory identify and mitigate risk?

The dashboard provides you:

  • Daily performance updates with visual alerts are delivered to your dashboard for quicker action that minimizes patient risk.
  • Graphical trend analysis to proactively identify potential problems.
  • Streamline preparation for your self-inspection or upcoming onsite inspection with an online review of your past deficiencies and corrective action plans.
  • Predefined PT and accreditation reports that allow you to focus on one area of your laboratory or review the performance of a complete network with a few clicks, saving you hours of management time.
  • Benchmark the performance of your laboratory against your peers and CAP wide performance. Networks can benchmark an individual lab against the overall system performance.

Do I need to order the Performance Analytics Dashboard?

No, the Performance Analytics Dashboard is available to all CAP PT and laboratory accreditation participants. Once you are in the e-LAB Solutions Suite (ELSS) application, the dashboard is in the Performance Analytics section. Note: For laboratories that are not CAP- accredited, the accreditation portion of the dashboard will not appear; for laboratories that use an alternative PT provider, the PT portion of the dashboard will not appear.

Not a CAP PT or accreditation customer? See how the dashboard, as part of our PT and accreditation solutions, help maintain clinical quality.

Which browsers are recommended for use with the dashboard?

Review the system requirements for e-LAB Solutions Suite under Contact & Support at

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Dashboard Report and Data Information Overview

Do I have the ability to export data from Performance Analytics Dashboard reports?

Yes. You have the ability to export data to Excel, in addition to other file formats, so you have the freedom to work with your data as you see fit.

How soon will data from an inspection be available on the dashboard?

Inspection data is available the morning after the CAP completes data entry of an inspector's report. Responses to deficiencies will be available the morning after the CAP enters a laboratory's response(s).

Does the dashboard include all graded PT or just CMS-regulated analytes?

The dashboard includes all graded analytes.

Will the CAP still offer CAP LINKS reports?

No, the Performance Analytics Dashboard replaced the CAP LINKS reports. With the Performance Analytics Dashboard, it is no longer be necessary to wait for a quarterly summary, as information will be posted to the dashboard on a daily basis and may be accessed at your convenience.

CAP LINKS reports mailed in April 2016 were the last reports published by the CAP.

Will the CAP still mail evaluations and participant summary reports?

Yes, you will continue to receive evaluations and participant summary reports via mail.

Will the laboratory or system administrator receive email notifications in the event that a laboratory has a "failing" proficiency test?

We know this alert functionality is important and will be considered for future enhancements.

Can I add or change my demographic group classification?

Yes, you may change your demographic group classification. Complete and submit the Laboratory Demographic Groups form located within the dashboard's help. With the new dashboard, you can easily see how your performance compares to your peers.

Accredited laboratories may also use the online Laboratory Data Maintenance or Accreditation Application tools in the e-LAB Solutions Suite.

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