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Cancer Protocol Revision Process

Ongoing maintenance to the completed protocols, including required/optional designation of data elements, is overseen by the review panels.

Revisions are made based on issue submission from users, emerging information on staging, or other changes in clinical care reliant on cancer reporting. If necessary, off-cycle revisions are made at the panel's discretion.

Phase 1: Preliminary Edits

The primary authors review assigned protocols with their Cancer Protocol Review Panel (CPRP).

Phase 2: Iterative Review

The primary authors meet with College of American Pathologists (CAP) staff to discuss issue documents received and review the necessity of revision to the paper and/or electronic eCC versions of the protocols.

Phase 3: Content Modeling

The primary author completes the near-final protocol draft. The preliminary summary of changes is then completed based on protocol edits by Surveys and eCC Team staff. eCC preliminary modeling is completed with questions compiled for author response.

Phase 4: Quality Assurance and Release

The quality assurance process with iterative review is conducted by the primary authors and CAP staff. Summary of changes and versioning completed based on final protocol edits by publications staff. Cancer protocols are posted online, eCC release files are distributed to licensees, and the updated Cancer Protocol Manual is released.

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