The College of American Pathologists' Presenters Program, is a live presentation delivery skills training workshop intended to help ensure presenters feel best equipped to do what they do even more effectively: share their expertise and knowledge on the practice of pathology and laboratory medicine on behalf of the CAP.

This on-demand video series—developed for CAP members (member login required)—complements the live workshops and offers a quick introduction to virtual presentation delivery skills and best practices for a broader audience or a refresher course for the more seasoned presenter.

Each video in the series is up to 16-minutes in length and offers one of the following learning objectives:

  1. Better understand the primary technical components to maximize your success for virtual presentations.
  2. Develop even more powerful presentation openings, and meaningful and actionable closings, through the art of storytelling.
  3. Prepare for the presentation day with rehearsal best practices.
  4. Better understand considerations when speaking to non-U.S. based, international audiences, gain best practices to handle questions and answer sessions, and how to better meet and handle the unexpected.

Participants completing this video series may schedule a complimentary, live one-on-one coaching session with the Presenters Program facilitators to address specific presentation delivery skills questions or prepare for an upcoming CAP presentation.