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Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine

The practice of laboratory and clinical medicine concerned with all aspects of blood transfusion, cellular therapies, and apheresis.

Clinical Chemistry

Chemical pathologists advise clinicians on the selection and interpretation of clinical chemistry tests and are capable of managing and directing the clinical chemistry section of the clinical laboratory.


The subspecialty of pathology dedicated to the study and diagnosis of human disease manifested in tissues at a cellular level.


The study and diagnosis of diseases of the skin and adjacent mucous membranes, cutaneous appendages, hair, nails, and subcutaneous tissues by histological, histochemical, immunological, ultrastructural, molecular, and microbiological techniques

Forensic Pathology

The application of the principles of medicine and pathology to the study of sudden, unexpected, suspicious, and violent death to determine the mechanism, cause, and manner of death.

General Pathology

General pathologists practice medicine by establishing diagnoses, monitoring disease progression and treatment, determining disease risk and cause of death, and overseeing blood and cellular transfusions.


The practice of pathology concerned with the study and diagnosis of human diseases involving hematolymphoid cells and tissues and blood coagulation.


The subspecialty of all medical specialties that transforms health care by analyzing, designing, implementing, and evaluating information and communication systems to improve patient care, enhance access to care, advance individual and population health outcomes, and strengthen the clinician-patient relationship.

Medical Microbiology

The subspecialty of pathology concerned primarily with the laboratory diagnosis, treatment, and control of infectious diseases.

Molecular Pathology

The subspecialty of medical genetics, genomics, and pathology in which the principles, theory, and technologies of molecular biology and molecular genetics are used to make or confirm clinical diagnoses.


The subspecialty of pathology dealing with the tissue-based diagnosis of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems, skeletal muscle, and eye.

Pediatric Pathology

The practice of pathology concerned with the study and diagnosis of human disease manifested in the embryo, fetus, infant, child, and adolescent.