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Transfusion Medicine Topic Center

Fostering excellence in the practice and safety of transfusion medicine.

Resources and educational material in the field of transfusion medicine.


CAP TODAY Articles

  • Policing blood use pays off for Allina Laboratories (March 2013)
  • Slowing the flow in blood Tx (Sept 2012)
  • RBC storage duration: Is older riskier? (Oct 2011)
  • Biovigilance network advancing slowly—but it’s progress (Oct 2011)
  • Transfusion practices: In cardiac surgery, there will be blood—but why? (Dec 2010)
  • New blood transfusion—studies in brief (Dec 2010)
  • Scuttling surrogate testing of platelets (Nov 2010)
  • Information technology in cellular therapy (June 2010)
  • Closing the gap in transfusion-related iron overload (May 2010)
  • Mostly male plasma sends TRALI rates south (Oct 2009)
  • Disabling mislabeling—solutions for blood banks (Jan 2009)

Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Articles

  • Pretransfusion Testing Practices in North America, 2005-2010 (Mar. 2012)
  • Managing Transfusion Service Quality (Nov. 2011)
  • Blood Bank Safety Practices: Mislabeled Samples and Wrong Blood in Tube—A Q-Probes Analysis of 122 Clinical Laboratories (Aug. 2010)
  • Effectiveness of the RhIg Dose Calculator (Jul. 2010)
  • Inaccurate Doses of Rh Immune Globulin After Rh-Incompatible Fetomaternal Hemorrhage—Survey of Laboratory Practice (Dec. 2009)
  • Glenn Ramsey. Inaccurate Doses of Rh Immune Globulin After Rh-Incompatible Fetomaternal Hemorrhage: Survey of Laboratory Practice (Mar. 2009)

Additional Resources

Transfusion, Apheresis, and Cellular Therapy Committee

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