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New in Practice Committee

To identify, understand and address the needs, issues, wants and challenges of newly practicing pathologists in practice for one-to-ten years. To develop benefits and services to facilitate the advancement of the specialty and secure pathologists’ role as the center of the patient health care team. To support pathologists in the first years of practice in recognizing and claiming their leadership role in driving the advancement of the specialty. To assist the College of American Pathologists in the recruitment, retention and engagement of the organization and the profession.

This committee reports to the Council on Membership and Professional Development. View a list of the Current Committee Members.

Time Commitment Requirements
Number of face-to-face meetings 3
Length of meetings 1.5 days
Typical meeting days Saturday and Sunday
Meeting locations The meeting is usually less than 30 miles from an airport. At least one meeting each year takes place in Chicago.
Number of conference calls Scheduled as needed
Hours/year of committee work required outside of meetings Members 24-40, Vice Chair 50-60 Chair 60-80
Additional travel or time commitments
  • Member: Five hours when involved in special projects
  • Chair: Three council meeting and one council telephone conference per year

Activities of Committee

  • Maintains MY MOC (maintenance of certification)—online maintenance of certification resource
  • Develops New in Practice Career Navigation Series
  • Develops webinars and resources
  • Reaches out to new in practice colleagues via member-to-member emails and telephone calls
  • Develops New in Practice Life Preserver

Expertise or Experience

  • Prefer that members are new in practice (0-5 years in practice)
  • Prefer to have members from a variety of practice sizes and settings (eg, academia, private-hospital employee or practice group; small, medium or large size settings; pathologists working in an accountable care organization; pathologists in fellowships
  • Willingness to discuss and share challenges and issues new in practice pathologists face
  • Desire to help new in practice pathologists during this crucial time in their career

Benefits of Committee Membership

  • Experience gained and new information acquired will benefit members personally in their first years of practice
  • Increased knowledge of current and emerging trends/challenges in pathology practice

Help patients understand the value pathologists bring to their care.

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