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Forensic Pathology Committee

To recognize and meet the needs of the pathologist and pathology with regard to forensic casework; to advance forensic pathology, medicine and science through education, provision of Survey Programs, advocacy and other means; to serve as a liaison between the CAP and the forensic community.

This committee reports to the Council on Scientific Affairs. View a list of the Current Committee Members and find additional resources and information in the Forensic Pathology Topic Center.

Time Commitment Requirements
Number of face-to-face meetings 4
Length of meetings 1.5 days
Typical meeting days Friday and Saturday
Meeting locations Less than 50 miles from an airport
Number of conference calls 0
Hours/year of committee work required outside of meetings Members 30+, Vice Chair 45+, Chair 75+ 
This includes the development and review of forensic educational case studies for the FR Program.
Additional travel or time commitments
  • The committee chair is required to attend the Council on Scientific Affairs leadership meetings, which take place two times a year.
  • Committee member attendance at the CAP annual meeting is strongly encouraged.

Activities of Committee

  • Contribute to the forensics program, by submitting cases and providing peer review of other proposed cases.
  • Provide expertise and guidance to the nonforensic pathologist.
  • Develop educational products/venues for resident training.
  • Provide information/education promoting public health/wellness.
  • Actively engage as spokespersons for the College on forensic and autopsy affairs.

Expertise or Experience

  • Forensic pathologist certified in at least anatomic pathology and forensic pathology by the American Board of Pathology

Benefits of Committee Membership

  • Become more active in College business
  • Opportunity to interact with the wider pathology community
  • Opportunities to publish scholarly articles on forensic and autopsy pathology
  • Increase awareness of pathologists and the general public regarding forensic matters
  • Act as spokespersons for forensic matters for the College

Representation on Committee Beyond the CAP

The forensic pathology committee has an outbound liaison to the following organization:

Interested in Joining this Committee?

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Jaimie Halley, Staff
Technical Manager, Surveys
325 Waukegan Road
Northfield, Il 60093
Phone: 800-323-4040 ext. 7675