2018 CAP Outstanding Service Award

Established in honor of Frank W. Hartman

The CAP Outstanding Service Award Established in Honor of Frank W. Hartman recognizes a Fellow of the CAP for outstanding service to a single CAP program, project, or related endeavor, generally over a long period of time. The award honors Frank W. Hartman, MD, FCAP, the first president of the College of American Pathologists. The CAP presents this award when merited, not necessarily on an annual basis.

Paul N. Valenstein, MD, FCAP

The College of American Pathologists presents Paul N. Valenstein, MD, FCAP, with the CAP Outstanding Service Award in recognition of his leadership expertise and contributions in all levels of the organization.

Dr. Valenstein’s accomplishments within the CAP are numerous, and his boundless energy and innovative mind have led to the development of several key programs, including competency assessment, Q-TRACKS, Q-PROBES, and a myriad of proficiency testing programs. He has also been deeply involved in developing some of the CAP’s most significant practice guidelines.

As a Fellow of the CAP, Dr. Valenstein has been appointed or elected to more than 35 committees and councils, as well as the Board of Governors. He served on his first CAP committee in 1988 and became the chair of the Council on Scientific Affairs in 2009. He was elected to the Board of Governors in 2011 and then was elected as the CAP’s secretary-treasurer. During his tenure on the Board of Governors, Dr. Valenstein brought a significant understanding of both the laboratory improvement and the member sides of the organization. He also was able to use his understanding of management and finance to drive the CAP forward, working seamlessly with members and staff to achieve significant outcomes. Always willing to consider opposing viewpoints and change his mind, Dr. Valenstein is legendary for his ability to be fully participating in a meeting while composing a 10-page memo outlining its salient points.

Dr. Valenstein also has represented the CAP and the profession through his writings and his participation at several national and international venues. He has authored more than 65 peer-reviewed articles as well as the extremely popular book Quality Management and Clinical Laboratories. Promoting patient safety through systematic risk reduction, Dr. Valenstein is internationally recognized as an expert in quality management and patient safety, microbiology, and informatics.

Dr. Valenstein currently works for Integrated Healthcare Associates in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he assists with managed care contracting and strategic planning for his former multispecialty practice.

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