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Quality Management Programs

Our comprehensive collection of quality assurance programs identify quality improvement opportunities and monitor progress over time.

Laboratory Benchmarks

Our peer-reviewed journal articles, published in Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, are based on Q-PROBES and Q-TRACKS studies. Download the filterable table with links to benchmarked articles.


Q-PROBES are short-term, external peer-comparison studies that provide a one-time comprehensive assessment of key processes to aid in quality improvement efforts in your laboratory. Use Q-PROBES to help build and improve data collection and analysis processes that contribute to quality of care, patient safety, and outcomes. Q-PROBES:

  • Address process, outcome, and structure-oriented quality assurance issues
  • Establish benchmarks through external database comparisons
  • Compare your performance to establish laboratory goals and improve performance


Q-TRACKS are long term studies that allow for continuous quality monitoring of laboratory processes for performance improvement. Q-TRACKS monitors reach beyond the testing phase to evaluate the quality of processes both within and beyond the laboratory that can impact test results and patient outcomes. Q-TRACKS:

  • Provide quarterly reports to help you identify improvement opportunities and monitor the effectiveness of changes implemented over time.
  • Allow you to measure your laboratory's performance against participating laboratories to help you set performance goals.

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