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Laboratory Personnel Evaluation Roster

We have redesigned the laboratory personnel evaluation roster form with input from CAP-accredited laboratories as well as Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The new format ensures you have the right personnel performing the right types of functions in your laboratory.

Laboratory Personnel Evaluation Roster and New Checklist Requirement

The new checklist requirement, GEN.54025 is: The laboratory personnel evaluation roster is current and accurate and is audited by the laboratory director or designee at least annually for non-waived testing personnel and personnel fulfilling supervisor roles.

Laboratories will be assessed for compliance with GEN.54025 beginning with on-site and interim self-inspections using the 2016 edition of the checklist.

Evidence of compliance include:

  • Records of completed rosters accurately reflecting personnel and
  • Records of annual audits performed by the laboratory director or designee

Information You Need

To assist our customers, the information below will help you be in compliance with the new requirement


A step-by-step guide to complete the Personnel Evaluation Roster online.

CAP Personnel Requirements by Test Complexity

Learn the qualifications for each role in the laboratory in our Personnel Requirements by Test Complexity guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our subject matter experts have developed answers to the questions you may have about the form and checklist requirement. Read the FAQs.

Be Prepared

Use our Personnel Evaluation Roster to be in compliance with the CLIA personnel qualification regulations and CAP Checklist requirements.

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