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Accreditation Checklists

The College of American Pathologists (CAP) checklists contain the accreditation program requirements, developed using more than 50 years of insight and pathology expertise. The quality of the CAP checklists is a result of the expertise and collaboration of pathologists and laboratory professionals.

  • The checklists are living blueprints, used by laboratories and inspectors to ensure quality and patient safety.
  • The CAP accreditation checklists are updated yearly to reflect current practices and technologies.
  • Checklists provided for inspection preparation are customized based on the services offered by the laboratory/biorepository.
  • CAP-accredited facilities may access customized checklists through e-LAB Solutions at any time and download them in different formats, including Excel.

Download a sample checklist

View a full listing of available checklists and a description of each