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Advocacy Update

February 3 Second Digest, 2022

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New February 3 AU Item One

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New February 3 AU Item Two

Pathologists Strengthen Leadership Skills at Inaugural Summit

For its inaugural meeting, members met virtually at the 2021 Pathologists Leadership Summit from May 1-4. This is the first time that the Spring House of Delegates meeting and the former Policy Meeting came together to provide members essential leadership, communication, advocacy, and practice management skills.

Roughly 500 members registered to hear updates from their states during the morning House of Delegates session. Karl Rove, seasoned political strategist, best known for managing President George W. Bush’s presidential victories, provided an intriguing keynote address on America’s challenges in the next chapter.

On May 2, Keynote speaker and presidential historian Michael Beschloss discussed presidential leadership and the skills leaders need when heading organizations. Mr. Beschloss discussed the leadership styles of presidents from George Washington to Donald Trump and Joe Biden.