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Making cap.org Better for You

Working to Improve Your Web Experience


The CAP online experience plays a key role in how you interact and engage with us. The online experience is a composite of various systems that integrate at the website level. To understand and improve the experience we must also understand the impact of each underlying, contributing system.

We capture end-user experience and the actual performance data of our various web applications using several new tools. These data sets, combined with data captured from online surveys and the CAP website user experience panel, will allow us to identify, prioritize, and target improvement opportunities that impact you.

Tangible Improvements Made For You

After several years of installing the foundational components we've implemented several updates to many of our web applications:

  • 2017: We transitioned all proficiency testing (PT) result forms from PDF to HTML.
  • 2018: We introduced a new online application where your laboratory, accredited or not, can maintain its Organization Profile including addresses, key personnel with CAP roles, and their contact points. This application replaced an older version used for the accreditation process. We upgraded several important database systems to improve performance and availability. We also optimized design and performance of the informational website and redesigned the e-LAB Solutions Suite landing page. Further we bolstered search capabilities, making it easier to find what you need.
  • 2019: We have made several enhancements to the Organization Profile, online store, and membership dues and contributions.

Our Commitment to You

Since mid-August 2015, we have significantly expanded direct focus on web stability and have implemented several changes to improve website performance for you. Additional work continued throughout 2016–2018 and continues in 2019.

Our Contact Center team is available to make sure your needs are met. If you encounter an issue with your online PT submission, you may fax your results to 1-866-FAX-2CAP (866-329-2227). If you are having difficulty with the CAP website or other applications, or at any time need assistance, please contact us at 800-323-4040, Option 1, +001-847-832-7000, Option 1 (International), or by email at contactcenter@cap.org.

We appreciate your patience and thank you for being a loyal CAP supporter.

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