Investment Committee

To provide guidance to the Finance Committee in matters related to the College of American Pathologists (CAP) investments through the periodic review of investment policies and results, the selection of an investment consultant and investment managers, and ensuring that decisions made by investment managers conform to CAP investment policy.

This committee reports to the Finance Committee. View a list of the Current Committee Members.

Time Commitment Requirements
Number of face-to-face meetings 2
Length of meetings 1 day
Typical meeting days Friday
Meeting locations Meeting locations are less than 1-hour drive from the airport.
Number of conference calls 4-5
Hours/year of committee work required outside of meetings Member 2 hours prior to meetings; 1 hour prior to conference calls, Vice Chair 2 hours prior to meetings; 1 hour prior to conference calls, Chair 2 hours prior to meetings; 1 hour prior to conference calls

Activities of Committee

  • Reviews the investment results each quarter and evaluates the need for any changes to the allocation of the CAP's portfolio as recommended by the investment consultant.
  • Evaluates the performance of the managers employed by the CAP and make recommendations to continue or terminate the relationship.
  • Dedicates effort to understand the changing investment opportunities and the risk and reward of new investment sectors.
  • Reviews the investment policy guidelines regularly and recommend changes. All actions of this subcommittee need Finance Committee approval.

Expertise or Experience

  • A basic understanding of investing is helpful

Benefits of Committee Membership

  • Participation on this committee provides education on investing and market

Representation on Committee Beyond the CAP

  • An investment consultant employed by the CAP attends all meetings and conference calls

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