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Histocompatibility and Identity Topic Center

CAP Histocompatibility Surveys

The critical nature of histocompatibility testing necessitates that your laboratory continually evaluate its performance and stay current with new testing practices.

The CAP Histocompatibility Surveys provide the most comprehensive programs to help you evaluate your testing performance and maintain the most accurate level of patient testing.

CAP specimens provide a great variety of HLA antigens including uncommon antigens, representing a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds to help you evaluate your performance and ensure accurate patient results.

Proficiency Testing

Order CAP proficiency testing programs in histocompatibility. The following are the latest Survey programs.

Parentage Testing (program code: PARF) to include:

  • DNA Testing
  • Paper Challenge

Histocompatibility Testing (program codes: B27, HLAS/HLAS1, DADR, DML, ME, MX1, and MX2) to include:

  • ABO Grouping (includes subtyping)
  • HLA Serologic Typing (Class I and II)
  • HLA Molecular Typing (Class I and II)
  • HLA Crossmatching, PRA, and Antibody Identification (Class I and II)
  • HLA B27 Typing
  • Bone marrow/stem cell monitoring engraftment

Forensic Sciences (program codes: DNA/DNAF, FID/FIDM) to include:

  • DNA Database analysis (whole blood and filter paper)
  • Forensic Nuclear DNA analysis
  • Forensic Mitochondrial DNA analysis

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