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eAlert For Inspectors and CAP-Accredited Laboratories With California Licensure

As a service to CAP-accredited laboratories, the CAP is providing the following update regarding the 2017 checklist edition for laboratories with a California clinical laboratory license.

The CAP revised its 2017 checklist edition to include specific requirements for laboratories that have California clinical laboratory licensure. The revisions include:

  • A new section, "Laboratories with California Laboratory Licensure," with 10 new requirements in the Laboratory General Checklist
  • Revisions to two existing requirements in the Cytopathology Checklist (CYP.08500 and CYP.08550).

The requirements address issues unique to California law and are based on regulations found in the California Business and Professions Code and the California Code of Regulations.

The revisions in the checklists are intended to raise awareness and streamline the inspection process for laboratories subject to these requirements. The CAP has deemed status as an accrediting organization with the California Department of Public Health.

Who is affected by the revisions?

  • Laboratories in California with clinical laboratory licensure or registration
  • Laboratories outside of California that perform testing on specimens originating from California
  • CAP inspectors who may inspect a laboratory with a California laboratory license, including inspectors originating from other states.

The following resource is available for your reference:

  • Frequently Asked Questions accessed on the CAP website in e-LAB Solutions Suite (login required) under "Accreditation Resources-Accreditation Guidance Documents"

Please note that the Listing of California Requirements link provided above will expire on October 23, 2017. These requirements may also be viewed in the Laboratory General and Cytopathology Checklists by logging into e-Lab Solutions Suite under CAP Accreditation Checklists.

Questions? Contact us at 800-323-4040 or accred@cap.org.